YOGA FOR BONE AND JOINT HEALTH2019-01-14T20:26:31+00:00


Medical research has proven that our bones and joints need attention if we are to age gracefully and live our lives fully, just like those happy, perfect people smiling at you on the pharmaceutical companies’ commercials. But you didn’t fall for that. You have chosen a path…you’d rather work with your body’s natural healing power than take the blue pill, or the yellow pill, whichever one is currently trendy that you didn’t know you needed. And, frankly, you’d rather not “ask your doctor about it.”

If, in the coming years, you want to feel comfortable in your skin, standing tall, aligned, with head high… well, we won’t sugar coat this –– You have to take action…now.  Not “when you’re older…” and in pain…now. Ideally, your inner structures should be receiving healing and nourishment before they begin to deteriorate. Yes, although it’s true that we can do a lot at Awaken to reverse any damage that has already shown itself, but we emphasize that the sooner you start, the easier it is to make healing a habit –– even if you don’t currently feel any pain, this teaching and guidance will keep you less susceptible to injuries and stiffication, which is a new word we just made up that says it all: stiff joints, sticky fascia and loud, crunchy alerts coming from your body are clues that you’re on the bumpy road to stiffication, which is not fun at all.

As a potent antidote, this class will focus on giving you a foundation of powerful and restorative tools that naturally trigger bone and connective tissue regeneration in the body. You will learn remarkably effective inner massage techniques as well as long, luxurious and deeply satisfying stretches performed under the magical healing sounds of the singing bowls.

You will probably not need a ride after class… you can just float all the way home.