When was the last time you remember feeling good… really good? No, not a temporary high like after a great meal or a good massage –– but a feeling of overall ease and pain free comfort that lasts not just hours, but days, weeks or more.

If this question has you searching back a number of years, it’s a good thing you’re checking out the offerings at Awaken Yoga Therapeutics. Our goal with every client is to guide those who are ready to a life free from chronic pain and discomfort, as well as freeing up dormant sources of energy that will support you on all levels, making everything you do better. You may not yet believe that is possible, so be prepared to be surprised.

By now we’re sure you’ve heard that nearly all diseases have their roots in elevated and constant stress on the mind, body and emotions. We certainly have enough experience to know that this is true. Our approach at Awaken is not to waste time trying to make the stressors go away, stress is always going to be part of our modern lives –– but it is our response to these stressors, as opposed to reaction to them that holds the magic.

In essence, we will help you rewrite the patterns of your reaction to stress. This will free up a lot of energy that was previously used to fight stress that is, possibly for the first time, available to support rewriting and installing new habits and actions to replace old techniques that never really worked before.

Whether you partake in Awaken’s small group classes, workshops, retreats or private sessions, we will gently and firmly guide you to a more radiant, vibrant and calm life.

This is too important to take lightly. If you’re ready to recapture the soft glow of radiant health, we’d be honored to help you in your transformation. And, with your permission to hold you accountable, we won’t let you fail. It’s time, isn’t it?