If we were a typical business, we would use this “About Us” section to convince you of how great we are and that you should choose us because we’re better, nicer, smarter and more talented than others… however, Awaken is far from a typical business –– yes, we’re very good at what we do, but we leave it to our clients to share their experience of working with us. It is their stories that convey the life-changing results they’ve received through our services. What they say is so much more empowering to potential clients than anything we could say about the work we are so passionate about.

As far as what we can share with you without tooting our own horn ( OK, just one little toot), it’s important that you know that we had to do this… Building Awaken was not an option. It was and continues to be a calling that could not be argued with. The concept of Awaken snuck up on us while we were busy making other plans and immediately got ahold of our hearts and minds. It showed us, with no uncertain terms, that it needs to happen and that the time is now. So here we are, at your service.

By now, you may have sensed that this is so much more than exercise. Those who just want a good workout have many wonderful local studios to choose from. Awaken is not for everyone. it is a place specifically for those who are ready to do what it takes to feel good again. We won’t chase people around to sell them on anything. We’re only interested in taking on clients who are truly ready to transform their lives and are willing to be held accountable to their commitment. Our job is to not let you fail, and we do that very well. We structure each individual’s program to make it simple and easy to follow. We co-create a tailor-made and sustainable plan of action which we call the True Resonance Method™ to achieve the specific goals that we set together.

On a practical level, imagine how great it would feel to know exactly what to do each day to reclaim the radiant health that is your birthright.

We are humbled and grateful to have been chosen to bring this gift of healing to the world. We’re so confident in your ability to heal, that we’re able to say that if we can’t help you feel better, we won’t take your money. That should tell you more about us and our mission than anything else.

Vidya Ramanathan – Founder
ERYT-500 • IAYT-Candidate • Chopra Center Meditation Teacher • IASH Sound Healing Certified

Vidya Ramanathan has a gift for helping people create a sustainable, vibrant life with freedom from incessant stress and pain. In our fast paced, chaotic world, Vidya guides clients and students to the ocean of calm that has been waiting for them.

As a yoga teacher and healer, she created the True Resonance Method™–– a wellness system through which she applies the therapeutic aspects of yoga, stress and pain management, and proper mind-body nourishment to affect deep, lasting change in those who are ready.

In her very successful 20 year career in Corporate America, Vidya experienced first-hand the dangers of unresolved daily stress. Ultimately, she could not sit back and just watch people suffer. Following her heart, Vidya formed Awaken Yoga Therapeutics to help her clients achieve equilibrium and navigate the demands of their busy lifestyles with ease and grace.

Vidya has completed intensive trainings in yoga therapy comprising over 1400 hours with world renowned master healers and integrates these teachings in her methodology.


Stress Release
Myofascial, Bone & Joint Health
Diabetes & Hypertension
Weight Management

Injury & Pain Management
Cancer & Heart Disease Recovery
Healthy Life Transitions
Endurance & Conditioning

Grief & Trauma
Mood Regulation
Hip & Back Health
Better Sleep