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How long have you suffered with chronic pain… Years, Decades?  Do you rely on meds to get you through the day? Most importantly, have you resigned yourself to believing that this pain is now permanent? We can’t accept that. At Awaken, we’ve seen clients release their body from the grips of chronic pain in as little as a few weeks of guided effort. Our solution to chronic pain begins with gentle movement, breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation through guided imagery and sound healing. We target the most common areas for pain, specifically back, shoulder, neck, hip as well as arthritic pain.

Living pain free will change how you walk in the world. Your time at Awaken will teach you to be aware of your posture and to know what it feels like when you’re aligned so you can make adjustments in the moment and retrain your body to hold itself in a new way.

If you’re not currently experiencing pain, this guided practice will help prevent it from showing up.